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Maisha Finance also recruits and trains clients on behalf of other Micro-finance Institutions (MFIs) or SACCOs. These clients will be trained to the specifications of the other MFI and then the loan will be disbursed by the respective Micro-finance Institutions (MFI) or Saccos. Maisha Finance performs the following on behalf of other MFIs or SACCOs for negotiated fees:

1. Client recruitment
2. Training before loan disbursement
3. Loan portfolio monitoring and loan repayment management

By utilizing the services of Maisha Finance Limited, MFIs or SACCOs will have the advantage of smoothing their operations in recruiting quality applicants, training them, and managing them. MFIs or Saccos will be able to reduce their number of loan officers’ and will not have 
to worry about managing repayments. In sum, the benefits of utilizing the services of Maisha Finance are:

1. Reduced cost of managing clients, loans, and personnel
2. Hassel-free client retention and training
3. Improved loan portfolio quality
4. Increased time for management to concentrate on strategic planning & company decisions

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