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Maisha’s Bureau of Consultancy brings together specialists from a wide variety of backgrounds. These specialists bring to Maisha their experience in a range of fields including: government, the private sector, development organizations, and NGOs (both local and international). In addition, members of the Bureau of Consultancy have expertise in a number of areas:

1. Alternative energy technology and energy planning and policy.
2. Textile technology consultancy.
3. Monitoring and evaluation of development projects.
4. Environmental and Project Management.
5. Consultancy in extension and dissemination of agricultural and development packages.
6. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education project evaluation and management.
7. Value Chain Development of Selected Crops in the Rural Areas.
8. Mainstreaming HIV/Aids and Gender Issues in the Implementation of Program Activities.
9. Policy Formulation and Advocacy.
10. Civil Society Monitoring and Evaluation of Poverty Reduction Strategies.
11. Public Expenditure Tracking and Good Governance Evaluation.
12. Participatory Program Monitoring and Evaluation.
13. Access to Market and Value Chain Identification and Analysis.
14. Mobilization, capacity building and technical advice to farmers and farmers’ groups.
15. Coordination of community-based relief food distribution.
16. Market Access training and Business Development Service Provision.
17. Participatory design and implementation of community-based projects of farmers’ groups.
18. Market Survey, Business Plan write-up and Feasibility study write-up.

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